About Us

Our team is dedicated to teaching men the truth about illegal anabolic steroids and promoting safe, natural alternatives. We explain both the positives and negatives and try to help men come off illegal anabolics through strategic support and teaching them about other options.

We conduct research studies and compile statistics about steroid abuse that will bring light to the issue. If you would like to contribute to our efforts please contact us and tell us how you can help!

Most men should NOT be taking illegal steroids, especially when they jump right into it and have no idea about all the dangerous side effects. Too many men jump head first into a steroid cycle with only basic knowledge they read online. They often don’t know about how to counteract all the dangerous side effects. Some men will be left with nonexistent natural testosterone production once they come off their cycle, others will have liver and kidney damage etc.

We have nothing against illegal steroids, we actually feel they’re amazing in certain cases! These powerful drugs should be reserved for people who truly need to use them. Medical patients, world class athletes etc. They are definitely not for your average athlete looking to get in shape or perform better.

Remember, many anabolic steroids are illegal, and The Legal Steroid Research team does not encourage their use without a valid prescription written by a doctor. We don’t sell any products, and do not promote illegal steroid use.

We will be publishing our next report about steroid abuse statistics shortly. If you’re able to contribute please send us a message explaining how you can help.

Legal Steroid Research